Kate and Sherri met at a bridal fair while each representing their own trades. The two instantly hit it off and their business bestie relationship began. Over the years, they have had the chance to work together on a number of weddings, in the local area as well as out of state. 

 Wanting to expand the service she was already providing, Sherri opened the doors of her studio in uptown Norwalk, Ohio in 2020 and her photography business blossomed. Kate had a personal friend who was engaged on New Year's day who reached out asking to help plan a simple ceremony for now while they planned a larger reception for later. This simple ask was the seed that planted and grew into what is now Main Street Mini Matrimony. Kate and Sherri sat down on a Wednesday evening and talked about the frustration that 2020 wedding couples were feeling. They chatted about how so many clients were now in their second or third attempt of planning their wedding day and were all but ready to just give up and go to the courthouse. That night, the two put together their "Down the Aisle" package. Literally everything that a couple would need to get married. With the success of their first year, they decided to expand their offerings and created the "Beyond the Vows" package which is a 4 hour event that includes everything in the "Down the Aisle" package, all of the additional enhancements and a delicious catered dinner provided by Mesenburg Catering out of Huron, Ohio. From the invitations to the officiant to the photographer, all of the details were planned. All of the legwork done. No meeting with vendors. No worrying about coordinating schedules and making payment plans. No purchasing items and trying to resell them later. All you have to do is come to the studio with your marriage license and say "I do" to the love of your life. 



We have taken care of everything to provide our clients with an exceptional experience. From the venue and officiant to the invitations and photographer, we have done all of the work so you don't have to worry about anything. 


We want to provide an unique and memorable wedding ceremony. By carefully curating our monthly backdrops, we give couples the freedom to choose the mood that best suits their personality.

Wedding Venue
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Our Home

Uptown Norwalk provides an incredible background for a beautiful wedding. It's a photographer's dream to walk five minutes in any direction and have the perfect backdrop for portraits.